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Luxury goods that are normally sold at luxurious boutiques located at the downtown areas are now placed with soy sauce and bread. Has the era of luxury goods ended?

The prestigious LVHM and Chanel groups are now having an arduous fight in Europe. They require lawmaking to prohibit the sale of luxury goods online, which is counter-charged of antitrust by many online sellers including Ebay. While European are quarreling about where luxury goods should sell, American take a more radical action-The new Costco Warehouse Store, Manhattan, New York, offered big discounts on Chanel Classic chain bags, Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags, Burberry handbags, Ferragamo handbags and Coach handbags.

Costco is the biggest Warehouse Store in America, selling wide range of daily use in good prices. Costco has nearly 600 chains in America. The new Costco store in Manhattan surprisingly made trick of discount luxury goods to attract customers. And the result was incredibly good. Thousands of people got up early and waited before the Costco to snap up.

The level of the luxury goods that joined the discount selling was unprecedented. The finest examples are the Chanel Classic Chain bag and LV Speedy handbags. The two brands are famous for no discounts and are now fight for legislation to ban the sales of luxury goods online. The Classic Chain bag at the Costco dropped from the original $2495 to $1999, nearly 20% off. and Just $ 589, you can own a LV handbag that normally within $665-$3000. The original $2000 Burberry handbag just went for $ 1099 here. And the Ferragamo classic Marisa handbag (original price $2000 )only sold at $ 629.99.

Costco Store launched discount Tiffany watches and Dior watches before. But it was the first time for Costco to sell discount top luxury goods in large scale. The designer handbags that should have been displayed in are now placed with inexpensive daily use in Costco. By the way, the discount designer handbags at Costco are 100% authentic. But it is unknown that if Costco has gotten the authorization from the related brands.

Concerned personage guess luxury brands make trials to expand consumer base under the crisis in this way. But professional persons worry that the non-stop price reduction may threaten the luxury industry. And to sell Chanel and LV in supermarket is an 100% suicidal behavior.