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The North Face Backpack Isabella Is For You

When looking for a backpack, you will often find the label "uni-sex", which means it can be used by both girls and boys. However, through close examination, you will see that it actually does not feel right for you. Girls have smaller frame and narrower shoulders and most of the bags available do not fit them perfectly. This is why, you cannot maximize on the lovely features those bags offer. Then again, why go for the bags made for boys when there are those specifically made for girls; just like the North Face backpack Isabella?

Talking of quality will lead you to discuss a North Face backpack. Isabella is just among the many offerings of this trusted daypack brand and it is one of the clever ideas that addressed a need that many other brands fail to see. This model is made in such a way that when girls use it, they will have the same comfort experienced by men with their bags. The size has been adjusted to complement the size and shape of the torso of a woman and they are made with laminated back panels for support when carrying heavy loads.

Just like the other North Face products, Isabella backpack also comes with a lot of useful features, which includes the following:- Shoulder straps that are designed for support when carrying heavy stuffs- A main compartment that has 1200 cubic-inch capacity- Minor zip pockets for keeping small things- Laptop sleeve made with padded back for support- Internal pockets that help in better organization- A bungee cord that can hold bulky objects- A stash pocket found at the front- As an added security when biking or hiking, reflective hit spots are also provided

Aside from its extreme usability, the North Face backpack Isabella also comes in different colors because the company understands that women are not just after functionality but as well as style. If you want to know which colors are available, you can visit their website to verify. Sometimes, they release limited supply editions for seasonal colors, so better keep watch in order for you to get the coolest thing.

Getting the right backpack for you can make your day-by-day adventures more convenient. So, do not just go for those uni-sex things because there is a backpack that is especially designed to be used by girls like you - the Isabella backpack from North Face.