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Improve Your Golf With Non Traditional Shoes, Such As Nike Shox

As a man, I give very little thought to my shoes. As a golfer, I give my golf shoes practically zero consideration. My golf clubs get plenty of attention and my golf balls demand my full focus. But my shoes wallow in obscurity. A little foot pain changed all of that for me.

Somewhere in the depths of my memory I see a younger version of myself. That version glows with vitality and youth. A strong body and a sharp mind define me. I laugh in the face of complicated problems and physical limitations. The world is in front of me. In other words, I am a legend in my own mind. Making countless bad decisions, I stumble through life and around the golf course. I dismiss any advice, even if it seems logical but especially if it comes from someone"older".

I ignore the advice to carefully choose my golf shoes. Any foot covering is acceptable. Barefoot sessions on the driving range capture the attention of a sour club pro. Do my feet hold up to such punishment? Yes, they hold up for a long time. But then, my life changes forever. I meet a woman, fall in love, get married, and have kids. I buy the whole package, including the inevitable weight gain.

My younger smaller self easily walks 36 holes of golf then dances half the night. But with thirty extra pounds just a few holes of walking leaves my feet aching. Putting aside my hard-headed ways, I try some different golf shoes. To describe my reaction as amazement seems quaint and understated. My mind reels with the knowledge and weight of a lifetime of foolishness. Comfortable golf shoes exist!

My ego in check, I now enjoy leisurely Saturdays on the golf course with my friends. For a change, my feet are comfortably surrounded in something unusual and heavenly such as a pair of Nike Shox golf shoes. My feet feel better, my swing is more natural, my scores are down, and I love the game of golf once again.

These shoes may look silly [] but they sure do make golf more enjoyable!