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Depend Incontinence Product Selection Guide

One of the first decisions that anyone who is experiencing incontinence needs to make is deciding what type of incontinence products they need to use in order to effectively manage their incontinence. This can be a difficult decision since there are so many different types of incontinence supplies that are available today. However, by taking certain factors into consideration anyone who is looking for the right incontinence product can find it. Some of the factors to take into account include:

Size - It cannot be stressed enough how important size is when it comes to incontinence undergarments. Not only will this be a large factor in determining how comfortable the incontinence underwear or adult diaper is it will also determine how effective it is, as well. If the incontinence undergarment does not fit well then the wearer is subject to gaps and chafing which can cause leakage and accidents.

Gender - The manufacturers of incontinence supplies understand that each gender has unique needs when it comes to incontinence protection. Because of this there are incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. The gender of the wearer should be taken into account before purchasing any incontinence undergarment.

Lifestyle - There is wide range of lifestyles when it comes to people with incontinence. It was once thought that only people who were old, ill, and bedridden had incontinence. Today, it is more clearly understood that incontinence can affect those people who are still very active, working, socializing, and even traveling. This means that each person will need to choose the incontinence underwear or adult diaper that works best for their lifestyle.

Now that you know what factors should be considered when purchasing incontinence products it is time to review the incontinence supplies that are offered. One of the most popular and widely used lines of incontinence products comes from Depend. There are many different product options from the Depend line. Some of them are-

Depend underwear/Depend diapers - This type of adjustable underwear comes in a range of sizes. There are styles that have tabs that can be refastened and others that come in a pull on and pull off style. Depend underwear is latex free and can be customized even within the size in order to get the best fit. The Depend underwear also comes with tear away sides for easy application and removal. There are Depend for men and Depend for women so that each gender can get the protection where they need it the most.

Depend undergarments - This type of incontinence underwear most often looks the closest to normal underwear. Wearers often choose this type of incontinence undergarment in order to manage their incontinence with discretion. Depend undergarments can be worn under normal clothing which allows the person with incontinence to continue on with their normal activities. Depend undergarments also have breathable stretch panels that will gently contour to the body for a better fit. Many users of this incontinence product report that they like it because it is very quiet and can be worn with discretion. In addition, most Depend undergarments come with odor neutralizer in order to take care of the odors that can come from incontinence.

Depend for men - At one time many people thought that incontinence was strictly a problem for women. While the majority of incontinence sufferers are women there are still a sizable number of men who are trying to manage their incontinence. While Depend has many incontinence products that are strictly for women there are also Depend for men. One of the major incontinence products is the Depend Guard for men. This is an incontinence product that has a cup like shape that will provide the highest degree of protection where a man needs it. The Depend Guard for men also has leakage barriers, an adhesive strip, and an ultra light design so it can be worn without feeling bulky.